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Our Background

Life is short! You might as well live it with great hair.  But hair growth can be a challenge due to problems such as itchy scalp, dry hair, dandruff, split ends, frizzy hair and hair loss. All these can come to an end by using Emmy Natural products including chebe butter, hair mask, conditioner, and hair butter which are made from natural butter, essential oils, and chebe powder from Chad.

Image by Ashley Piszek

Emmy Naturals specializes in homemade cosmetics and beauty products. The idea came from Emmy’s decision to live a healthier lifestyle. As a creative woman who was looking for clarity and plans to change her life, she started using natural hair products to keep her hair healthy. Unable to find natural hair products in the market that suits her perfectly, she embarked on a journey to make her own products. It took a lot of research, consultation, and determination to get the perfect mix of the natural hair product which proved to be a great success. As a passionate entrepreneur, she shared her products with friends and family which resulted in amazing feedback, growing demand and referrals.

Emmy Naturals aims at producing natural products that are suitable for both men and women with natural hair. Chebe powder is famously known to balance the pH of the scalp and contain potent anti-inflammatory properties. It is the best deep conditioner and moisturizer for all types of hair. As a company, we are exposing the beauty secret of ancient Africans by using products that are 100% natural with ingredients that have been carefully selected to ensure the best results. Our organic unrefined butters are sourced from wholesalers with direct link to African producers. We pride in boosting confidence in every person by allowing them to wear their natural hair like a crown.

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