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It is never too late to bring your hair back to life

Your Ultimate Guide to Using Natural Haircare Products.

Anyone who follows the latest trends in style and haircare will know that natural haircare products are currently taking the world by storm.

Not only are natural products better and kinder to your hair, but they are also gentler on the environment and this is something we should all be striving towards.

Natural haircare products contain no toxins or harmful ingredients that can damage hair and leak into your bloodstream. When flushed down the drain, they do not pollute our waterways and oceans and the product breaks down naturally with no harm done.

So, if you are new to using natural products on your hair, which ones should you be using and why? Below is your ultimate guide to using natural haircare products…

Cleanse with a shampoo for your specific hair type.

The natural haircare industry is growing quickly and this means that there are plenty of products out there and something to suit all hair types.

When choosing a natural shampoo, think about your current hair concerns. For instance, if you struggle with fine, limp hair, a volumizing shampoo would work best.

Some people struggle with an oily scalp and hair that gets greasy at the roots but dry at the ends. Shampoos with charcoal or ones that offer detoxing properties are great for this issue as they get rid of oils on the scalp but gently moisturize the ends of your hair.

If you can’t shampoo your air every day, a dry shampoo can work wonders and only takes a few minutes to work its magic.

Select a conditioner that attends to your hair’s current needs.

The needs of your hair change according to the season and personal circumstances.

During the winter when the air is dry and we stay indoors with the heating on, hair can become incredibly dry. In this instance, a rich and moisturizing conditioner is great.

Summer calls for a change in your haircare routine. If you find that your hair gets frizzy, bushy and difficult to control in the humidity, we recommend using a conditioner that tackles this problem (have a look at conditioners designed for frizzy hair).

Long hair needs extra special care and attention as it is easy for hair strands to break, snap and develop split ends. A conditioner that contains natural oils and Vitamin E will nourish the hair fiber and help long hair to remain strong, shiny and manageable.

Consider using a hair mask once a week.

Just like skin, hair also needs pampering and care if you want it to look its best. A weekly hair mask can give your hair that added boost and keep it looking beautiful.

Hair masks contain very concentrated ingredients and can help rectify any issues, such as damage, frizziness and dryness.

Depending on your personal preference, you can use a leave-in mask or one that rinses out, but both kinds work just as well.

Protect your hair from heat and UV rays.

Daily use of hairdryers and straighteners can cause damage to the hair fiber. In addition, every time you walk outside your hair is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

This can really take a toll on your hair but the good news is that if you use a natural heat protectant that has UV protection, this will not be an issue.

Some heat protectant sprays double as a styling aid, saving you time when you are attending to your hair.

Natural hair mousses, sprays and gels work very well to help you achieve the style you want and most are incredibly lightweight and do not make your hair feel as if it has a build-up of product.

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